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Axel Hebmüller meets Dr. Philip Stuckey in Tokyo - Hebmueller relations live

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This is just an example of the connections that the ETSU Innovation Lab make

International Soft Landings member of the ETSU Innovation Lab, Axel Hebmueller is the general manager of the Hebmueller Group, develops, manufactures and sells industrials in aerospace, hydrogen, pharma biotech, and the food beverage industries.

He is also partnering with NETVRIDA and the Innovation Lab as a specialist for the entry of small German companies into the US-American market. During his visit to the Innovation Lab last month, Axel asked me if we had any clients working in the hydrogen industry.

I was able to set up an in-person meeting for him with Jon Barwell the COO of One Scientific, a deep tech startup company focused on research and development bringing novel hydrogen production to commercialization whose vision is to make clean hydrogen affordable and accessible worldwide.

I also introduced Axel to former Innovation Lab member at Valley Brook, Dr. Philip Stuckey. During his tenure at Valley Brook, Philip was the Founding CEO of Inquiry Technologies and Founder of Advanced Catalysis. Philip is currently an Innovator Fellow at the prestigious Innovation Crossroads in Oak Ridge, TN. During this call, we realized that they would both be attending the FC Expo, world's largest international exhibition and conference specialized in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technologies, in Tokyo, Japan.

The rest is history in the making…..

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